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Spectrum 2012 – Selected Artworks

Thank you to the 137 artists that submitted images to Spectrum 2012. The juror, Christopher White looked through over 420 images.  He was very thorough and thoughtful as he honed down his list to the 102 works listed here.  His choices run the full gamut in terms of style and medium in traditional and contemporary approaches to art making.  Congratulations to the selected artists.  To those whose work was not selected, please do not consider this as a reflection on the value of what you do.  I hope you will consider your own commitment to your work as what is of utmost value, and you will continue to forge ahead and make art.

Lydia Viscardi

Gallery Director and Curator

Spectrum 2012 – Selected Artworks

Pamela Abear     Dinghyseats

Pam Ackley    Teapots

Lisa Arnold    WitchHouse 

Donald Axelroad     Black Aphrodite

Betty Ball  Window TGV9

Ishita Bandyo    Always Bring the Card

Sasha Baskin    Patrick

Kathleen Bennett Bastis     Bark and Steel

Joan Bepler    BirdHouse

Amy Bock    Forest In Morning

Spencer Brainard     A Walk On the Path;    Moonlit Arcadia I

Janine Brown   The Pile Up

Lucienne Buckner    Tete a Tete

Lisa Burns    Portrait of Wendall

Nancy Cammann    Resting

Mary Anne Case    Provence

Marcella Colavecchio    Forget Me Not

Heidi Lewis Coleman    Porceleyne;    Relic-Square

Ron Crowcroft    Lob

Naomi Cruz    Paz

Galina Dargery    Devil’s Food

Mary Davidson    It’s All About the Hat Series XIV;    Flowers in a Vase SeriesI

Teri DiMargo    Perfect Beach;    Pink Symphony

Nancy Douglass    Nancy Red Path

Kelly Eberly    Barletta

Alane Ellenbogen    Alone at the Ocean

Alicia Ezpeleta    Crib

Jackie Flatow    Illusory

Heide Follin    Jeweled Land

Jacob Forero    Venice

Debra Friedkin    Alien Family

Michele Gage    Chameleons

Caroline Gantz    Long Days

Cecily Garver    Unested Bowls Triptych;    Woman in White

Jacob Gingert    West Caldwell Interior

Evelynn Glausman    Blackstone Valley Houses

Kathryn Glover    Mugshot

David Harlan    Shipwreck 1

Fran Henry-Meehan    Fission

Bruce Horan    Emergence

Ruth Ipe    The Black Line

Brenda Jacobsen    Spring

Virginia Jennewein    Pink Palm

Raud Johnson    Girl with a Pearl Earring

Ruth Kallaungerer    Stop the Carnage

Elizabeth Killgore    Still A Rose

Jak Kovatch    Mask

Dana Laird    Recycled

Judith Lambertson    El Paisaje

Gail Lee    Deobstruction

Susan Leggitt    Twilight

Dan Long    Back to the Earth

Felix Felo Lugo    La Perla;    No Guts No Glory

Ed Mac Ewen    Monhegan Bluff

Cynthia MacCollum    My Blooming Ire

Belle Manes    Diaspora

Liana Moonie    Feelings

Andrew Mullen    Sunset

Elizabeth Nagle    Chaos

Connie Nichols    Doodle Vase 1;    Doodle Vase 2

Susan O’Shea    Autumn Creek

Kiyoshi Otsuka    SweetHeart

Steven Parton    Match;   Skating

Deborah Pierce Bonnell    Reflections

Barb Post Campbell    I’m Lost

Liz Pozen    You Are What You Eat

Fereshteh Priou    Him;    Paris Balcony

Dani Renchard    Underwater

Margo Reynolds Packer    Myopia

Janet Romanowski    DragonPrincess

Marianne Rothballer    Sam

Judith Rowley    Intransigence;    Rescued;    Restless Winds

James Ryan    Lilly of the Valley

Katie Samuelson    Dream It

Debra Schaffer    Memorial Day

Amy Schott    Scott’s Undoing

Michelle Sheppard    Wyattianum

Margaret Simon    Esme Bowl

Debbie Smith    Spaghetti Series

Connie Newton Stancell    Canyon Rhythms XV

Ceal Swift    View of Midway

Bela Szabo    Giant Mums

Lubomir Tomaszewski    Its Passing

Marjorie Tomchuk    Basketweave

Meg Tweedy    Orange, Orange

Mitchell Visoky    Squared Up

Karen Vogel    Blue Wave

Annette Voreyer    Majesty

Deborah Weiss    Still Water

Jane Wright Wolf    Vincent Van Gogh Bridge

Margaret Zeitlin    Gucci Galaxy