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About The Exhibiting Artists

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Nancy Breakstone Westport Spending more time in my studio during these uncertain times has given me the opportunity to go through photographs that I would not normally include in my portfolio, but have brought back memories of the little things that brightened my day. http://www.nancybreakstonephotography.com
Connie Brown New Canaan I’m addicted to the puzzle of color, the construction of shapes, and how they relate to each other. My paintings are born from one another, each shaping the other through exploration and experimentation. http://www.conniebrown.net
Cynthia Brown New Canaan I am a multidisciplinary visual artist/maker.  My work is informed by my natural surroundings and the social gatherings that bring us together. http://www.cynthiabrownstudio.com
Milan Chilla Rowayton My art is generally inspired by sand, water and skies. This Spring, a deadly virus and hope for better days ahead were added to the mix. http://www.milansgallery.com
Yvonne Claveloux Westport My artwork merges bold strokes and organic shapes to create a sense of energy and joy. I embrace the beauty in the drips, smudges and happy accidents that give each of my canvases a distinct personality. https://www.yclavelouxart.com
Stephanie Conti New Canaan Stephanie is a fine art and portrait photographer in Fairfield County, CT. Inspired by her three young children and driven by the therapeutic element of art, Stephanie aims to create photographs that see the world in a unique and authentic way. https://www.stephaniecontiphotography.com
Jane Cowles Pearl River Jane CoCo Cowles finds inspiration in colors and shapes found in nature and fashion. She uses simple fine lines to capture these forms in her limited edition digital illustrations. http://www.janecococowles.com
Heidi Curran Westport I am a designer/art director with a fashion and beauty background, turned photographer. Color, graphic shapes, composition and negative space interest me. I LOVE taking photographs and I LOVE turning them into interesting and unique images. http://www.heidicurranphoto.com
Eugenie Diserio Stamford I am an abstract painter. My language is evocative marks, gestural brushstrokes and personal calligraphy. Colors, mixed in advance, can be brilliantly saturated or monochromatic. Then, I surrender to not necessarily knowing where I am going. http://www.eugeniediserioart.com
Kathy Draper Norwalk Just finished these new pieces that I started last summer. https://kathydraper.com
Patricia Duncan Norwalk I enjoy taking pictures of the out of doors, whether landscapes or wildlife.  
Ellen Ehli Westport My main influence for creating abstract art is undeniably Mother Nature herself. The beauty that surrounds us is constantly fueling my inspiration. Willing to take risks through experimentation and new techniques is essential in my process. http://www.ellenehliart.com
Almudena Fernandez Vicens Riverside My hope is that multiple materials are transformed into an abstraction that each person can feel and understand in different ways and that the audience enters into a dialogue with the artwork. https://www.afvicens.com
Gabrielle Ferrara Westport I mirror what I see, and reinterpret its meaning. Collages and photographs tell a wealth of stories, and express great emotions. I have been creative my entire life, but started honing my craft in 2006. I have used all media. Life should be captured. http://www.briesart.vistaprintdigital.com
Kiera Finnerty New Canaan Art is a way I can express myself freely and have fun with it without many, if any, boundaries. From trying new ways of photography and editing, to experimenting with other art mediums and seeing how far I can push my creativity with each piece.  
Heide Follin Norwalk Inspired by nature, I paint lyrical organic abstractions. Listening to my emotions, using vibrant clean colors against neutrals in an inventive layered process with a variety of mark making, I reinterpret what I see to create unique imagined worlds. http://www.heidefollin.com
Jacob Forero Old Greenwich I love to do oil on canvas paintings, cubist collages as well as black and white photographs of fascinating places and unique eye-catching views that tells a story. http://www.jacobstudio.org
Ron Garofalo Bergenfield COVID-19, life and death and our quarantine-at-home. The Tulips I bought my wife gave life to out day to day routines, in time, they too died. I tried to show their glory in these photos as they fade away beyond the moment of their existence. http://www.rongarofalophoto.com
Jaffa Gross Stamford I strive to capture what I see and feel around me and express the diverse magical elements of nature through my work. I utilize color, light and movement, to capture the viewers’ spirit and have them share and enjoy the imagery I wish to convey. http://www.jaffagross.com
Gyorgyi   New Canaan Gyӧrgyi was born in Budapest. As the Soviets replaced the Nazis, she sketched fashion models, experimenting with forms and colors inspired by fairy tales and the Orient. After escaping, Gyorgyi took the NY textile scene by storm. The rest is history.  
Timmy Hardy New Canaan My name is Timmy Hardy and I am a Freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology and I’m studying advertisement photography. https://www.timmyhardy.com/
norm jensen New Canaan photography  not just for actual images but for the more artistic through the use of the computer.  
Gordon Jones New Canaan I want my art to make you feel alive. http://www.artbygogo.com
David Kaplan Greenwich The think what I like best about landscape photography is being outside and experiencing nature and all its beauty. Finding the right light and viewing a scene from an interesting vantage point is something I never get tired of experiencing. http://www.davidkaplanphotos.com
Constance Keller New Canaan Small moments this year find new meaning. http://www.constancekeller.com
Lisa Keuker Greenwich Love to capture the simple things around us.  Beauty everywhere is one of my motto’s!  
Werner Liepolt Westport I enjoy responding to and representing the people, places, and events that demand my attention, inspire me, and make me see—as if I were seeing for the first time again—capturing meaning from the expression of form and color.  
Martie Mackay New Canaan My process in creating these photographs is to pull elements from Nature and redefine them. I find a shift in the bark of a tree, a knot on a dead limb, a series of sun-dappled currents in the bay and show a reinterpreted version of that reality. http://www.jumiperstudiophotography.com
Jim Malloy New Fairfield My work is abstract. It gives me the freedom to express my imagination in unrestricted ways: to capture the essence rather than form of a subject. I like vivid colors and textures and use unconventional methods & paint with found objects. http://www.3dreamscreative.com
SILE MARRINAN Westport “Other-worldly” is a phrase I hear in my head when a scene catches my eye.  Something wants to show itself, I don’t know what exactly.  Peering into this new world through my viewfinder, moving but not breathing until the moment presents itself. http://www.silemarrinan.com
Kathy Megrue-Smith New Canaan    
Sarah Lee Michaels Wilton Art, like music, is always fluid. It captures a sound, a thought, a vision by offering viewers something to ponder and feel. I have been in the arts my entire life. As a working musician, I have relied on my artwork to keep me centered and present.  
Nobu Miki Darien I’m passionate about painting charming scenes in New England and New Canaan downtown is one of my favorite spots.

I painted “Stay at Home” to capture this crazy situation right now by calm and peaceful way rather than dark and sad way.

Avery Morawa New Canaan As a young artist, I feel joy when creating art and I want to be able to express my passion for art. Each of my pieces is like a part of me and each holds significant value. The goal of my art is to portray my perspective of the world.  
Allesandra Mossa Darien My artistic focus highlights aesthetic juxtapositions through collage and overlay. I find inspiration from the natural and structured elements of our surroundings. I bring to existence an extension of this interest through multiple mediums. https://www.instagram.com/allesandra.macbeth/
allesandra mossa Darien My creations are a result of experimentation toward discovering the potential in developing future curriculum for my students. Quarantine manifested a stronger connection to myself by being present with my senses in nature. Art is universal. https://allesandra.me
Karen Neems Stamford I am a collector of images, mining them for unexpected combinations. In my artistic practice I use photography to explore the relationships of images I observe and record, rather than its documentary aspect. http://www.karenneems.com
Julie O’Connor Weston I am passionate about photography as an art form. There is profound value in the thoughtfulness, the provocation, the silent aesthetic, the power of a single image made with the vision and ever evolving techniques of fine art photography. http://www.julieoconnor.com
Barbara O’Shea New Cannan I have always been a visual person, an observer. My passion is exploring and capturing the world and people around me in a unique and personal way. There are stories to be told and it is my hope to share them.  
Jud Perkins Salem Assorted pictures from travels  
ReBeL ReBeL New Canaan “I prefer discovery over manipulation. To me, this way-of-seeing is especially expressive in Photography. While my other artistic pursuits often require measured constructs and conceits, the spontaneity of Photography lightens and liberates.”  -ReBeL  
Cristina Sarno Norwalk En pleine air painting is, the best when it’s done near the ocean.  Since the salt air from the sea, brushes against your face, just as the paintbrush is against the surface.  I’m honored, to share with you, these paintings from last summer. http://www.CristinaSarno.tumblr.com
Mark Schiff Norwalk    
Barbara Simonson Darien I love working with the figure using medium that is transparent. http://www.barbarasimonson.com
Marc VanDermeer Riverside “ In order to paint one has to go by the way one does not know. Art is like turning  corners; one never what’s around the corner until one has made the turn”

Milton Avery” I like to do the unexpected, found most often by taking risks.

Sergio Villaschi Warren Sergio is a photographer mainly dedicated to still life compositions. He works with light, color and texture to impart depth, vibrancy and a particular mood that makes his photos  pleasing and unique. His work has been displayed in various galleries.  
Paul Whitman Southport “Soft Realism” is a phrase that best describes my work.   No matter the subject, my aim in photography is to capture the object before my camera in such a way as to highlight its form, beauty, and color.  
Pamela Whittemore Weston Quiet and peaceful, the shroud of fog settles in over the coastal inlet.  
Hooey Wilks New Canaan Quilted Vintage Skier Collage – Dream Weaver

Many small images of vintage toy skiers “stitched” together like fabric scraps to make up the larger whole.

Sheltering in place were mindful for a chaotic time, part art, part puzzle, part Zen.

Torrance York New Canaan In “Common Ground: Irwin”, I am inspired to connect with experiences past and future lived on the shared common ground of New Canaan’s Irwin Park. Using a shallow depth of field the images reveal my subjective discoveries on these specific sites. http://www.torranceyork.com
Edward Zerdy New Canaan I like painting New Canaan scenes.  My work is done in my studio, but while in progress, I revisit the site often.