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Menu Highlights:
Charcuterie table
featuring smoked salmon (Ideal Fish), salemi assortment (Oui Charcuterie), cheese (Little Farm on Main)
Stuffed eggs (Ox Hollow Farm), olives, grapes and pickles (Riverbank Farm)
Bagels and spread (Bad Ass Bagels)

Asian Delicacies prepared by Mama Hu’s
Sushi bake salmon, tofu and california including carrots (Riverbank Organic Farm)
Sweet potato & napa cabbage dumplings (Riverbank Organic Farm)
Curry lamb and dill lamb dumplings (Henny Penny Farm)
Kimchi (Riverbank Farm) and Sesame Honey Candy (Francesca Apiary)

Salads & Sandwiches prepared by Carrot Top Kitchens and Silvia’s Kitchen
Bean salad cupped in lettuce (Smith’s Acres and H2O Farm)
Micro green salad shooters (Highridge Hydroponics and Riverbank Organic Farm)
Smoked salmon sandwiches (Wave Hill Breads, Ideal Fish, Little Farm on Main)
Hummus and veggie sandwiches (Wave Hill Breads and Riverbank Organic Farm)

Soups and Savories prepared by Carrot Top Kitchens
Sweet potato hash (Smith’s Acre) and chicken sausage (Ox Hollow Farm)
Omelet muffins (Henny Penny Farm)
Beef Barley Soup (Ox Hollow Farm, Riverbank Organic Farm)
Mushroom Soup (Seacoast Mushrooms, Riverbank Organic Farm)

Sweets & Treats
Lintzer Cookies (Michelle’s Pies, Wonderland Jams), Chocolates (Emalyn Sweets), Cheesecake (Mama Hu’s, Ox Hollow Farm), Yogurt Cups (Little Farm on Main), Apple Danishs (Kneads Bakery, Woodland Farm), OATmeals and Maple Cookie Bites (Stylish Spoon)

BAR & Beverages
Mimosas (prosesso from Stewart’s Spirits & fresh squeezed OJ), Bloody Mary from Litchfield Distillery
East Coast Kombucha
Coffee & Tea