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Take part in our “Mid-Summer Mosaic” community art project…

Made up of 50 individual canvases, the finished piece will showcase the collective work of each participant and — to be revealed when the blue painters tape is removed — a representation of the iconic barn doors of the historic Carriage Barn Arts Center entrance.



1. Register below to reserve your canvas & participate — limited to 48 participants!


2. We’ll contact you and arrange a time to deliver or pick up your canvas


3. Create a work of ART in with paint, markers, collage, text, mixed media and return to the Carriage Barn by July 10 (don’t remove the blue tape!)


4. This community-created mosaic will be displayed downtown, at the Carriage Barn Arts Center and shared on social media!  



Anita Bausman Breed Family* Michele Cosentino
Clara Bloom The Calaba Family* The Doak Girls
Janet Dinger & Family Eugenie Diserio Grace Drake
Deborah Evensen Lisa Ferrante Susan Finkelstein
Sally Finnican Linda Flanagan* Art by Liz F
Vikingnorm Stephanie Ladoff-Koch Suzy Lavieri
Elain Lloyd Martie Mackay Cheryl Malecki
Jim Malloy Emma McPartland* Allesandra Macbeth
Dr. Caryn McAllister Susan Peyser Linda Powell
Suzi O’Callahan Covino Ann Pakhayev Beth Marie Reifers*
Donna B Reinman The Rodgers Family* Rusty Ruth
Katherine Sanders Joanna Soulios Helen & Kimber Sparks
Cyn Elise Sterback The Schmeltz Family* Patricia Q Swigart*
Paula Salerno Jarvis Wilcox* Pat Wetzler
  • * denotes partons

Our 2020 Pizza Box Challenge was a great success with artists, families and other creative individuals participating.  We were honored to showcase the community project downtown and at the Carriage Barn Arts Center and look forward to doing the same with our 2021 Mid-Summer Mosaic inspired by the gallery’s iconic barn doors.

About the Carriage Barn

The mission of the New Canaan Society for the Arts, Inc. is to promote the visual and performing arts, and to enrich the community through exhibitions, education, and cultural experiences, and to operate the Carriage Barn Arts Center.


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