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“Off the Wall” 2023 Featured Artists

Patrons and Supporters of our “Off The Wall” Art Benefit event could take home a donated work of art by one of these celebrated artists — an unbelievable opportunity to take a special work of art “off the wall” and home for the holidays! 

Joyce Andersen

Gene Barbera

Dunia Barrera

Nancy Breakstone

Miggs Burroughs

Jennie Carr

Ruth Chapman

Suzanne Charbonneau

Cynthia Cooper

Vanessa Curry

Eugenie Diserio

Erin Dolan

Jim Fenzel

Mike Harris

Sally Harris

Stephanie Hilton

Heather Jones

Emily Kelting

Giselle Landers

Ariel Ling

Laney Lloyd

Cynthia MacCollum

Martie MacKay

Kathy Megrue-Smith

Nobu Miki

Butch Quick

Barbara Simonson

Shelby Smith

Carlyle Upson

Frankie Vinci

Hooey Wilks

Jay Wilson

Tracy Wind