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Patrons and Supporters of our “Off The Wall” Art Benefit event could take home a donated work of art by one of these celebrated artists — an unbelievable opportunity to take a special work of art “off the wall” and home for the holidays! 



Platon is an internationally acclaimed British portrait photographer. As a photo journalist he has shot for publications such as British Vogue, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and has had his work on more than 20 covers of Time Magazine. His subjects have included President Barack Obama, George Clooney, Bono, Prince, Willie Nelson, Serena Williams, David Beckham, Annie Leibovitz, Yoko Ono, Tracey Emin and many more.


Hans Neleman 

Neleman is a Dutch photographer and artist based in New Canaan whose work is in private and public collections across the globe. Early in his career, Neleman was known as one of New York City’s leading still life art photographers and was highly regarded internationally in the commercial and advertising arena.  As an artist he is known for his assemblages and multi-media collages on paper and canvas. He currently has an exhibition at the Jean Jacobs Gallery in New Canaan where he lives with his family. 


Cynthia Cooper

Based in Connecticut, Cooper is an award winning contemporary painter, graphic designer and print-maker. Her latest body of work includes multi-canvas paintings that are inspired by her fascination with mathematics and symmetry. She has been creating her entire life and enjoys experimenting with new mediums and color.


Eugenie Diserio

Diserio, a life-long painter, continues to be inspired by music, astrology, symbolism, color and movement. She’s practiced many forms of art that speak to her on “multiple levels: intellectual, intuitive, emotional, visceral.” Her abstract paintings have been exhibited throughout the tri-state area. Eugenie now lives and works in Stamford, CT but has studied and received degrees at the Tyler School of Art, Columbia University and Skowhegan.


Connie Brown

Brown is a painter who has exhibited throughout Connecticut and New York City.  Connie’s work is often inspired by nature in the forest outside her studio. Her “use of color holds no bounds, much like the often-hyperreal pigmentation of living forms” and she appropriately thinks of her paintings as “chromatic dreamscapes.”


Miggs Burroughs

Burroughs, a lifelong resident of Westport, is an award-winning graphic designer and artist who’s work has been featured on the cover of Time Magazine, US Postage stamps, CD covers and on many signs and websites for local CT businesses.  As a photographer, he has recently been recognized for his cutting edge lenticular imagery which he has exhibited throughout Connecticut.


Jay B. Wilson

Wilson has been taking photos since he was a kid, and has worked as a professional photographer since 2003. His focus tends to be on natural and urban landscapes in and around Connecticut’s Gold Coast and New York City.  With a camera in hand wherever he travels, Jay has captured the beauty of destinations across the country from Newport, RI to the California coast, and many places in between including the European cities of Paris and Berlin.


Kristin Pierce

Pierce, based in New Canaan, has a strong background in the visual and performing arts. She began studying art in New York City over twenty years ago and has been painting ever since. Kristin draws her inspiration from music, theater, books, and nature. 


Marjorie Tomchuk

Tomchuk has been an independent artist producing embossings on handmade paper, cast paper, etchings, collages, paintings, woodblocks, marbling and photographs.  Many of her paper art works are commissioned for private and corporate use.  The artist’s work has been exhibited throughout the United States and in Canada, Mexico, Chile, Europe, Australia Japan and Korea.


Barbara Simonson

Simonson, based in Darien, CT, is known for her watercolour and charcoal works, both paintings and drawings, featuring dance and figure themes.  She began her artistic career as a classical dancer and the years in class practicing before the unforgiving studio mirror gave her innate knowledge of the ebb and flow of the human form.  


Joseph Dermody

Dermody is an interdisciplinary artist who was classically trained as a musician on the violin and viola. He continues to perform and teach music regularly, while introducing painting and sculpture into his professional repertoire. His visual art was immediately well received by both critics and collectors in the art world.  The connection between art and music comes across in his canvases and sculptural pieces.


Cynthia MacCollum

MacCollum is a painter, printmaker, and photographer who lives and works in New Canaan, CT.  She is focused on the intersection of nature and art, and of painting, printmaking, and alternative processes.  Her solo show Thirteen Moons was shown at the Carriage Barn in 2021.  Her work has been shown at the Katonah Museum of Art; the Center for Contemporary Printmaking; Elisa Contemporary Art; First Street Gallery and internationally in Cadaques, Spain, the UK, France and Hong Kong.  


Aurelio Saiz
Saiz is a writer and creative director who discovered painting later in life. As a commuter to NYC from Fairfield County, Saiz has found inspiration from the scenery along Metro-North. He is intrigued by “accidental, unexpected passages of color” and can best sum up his paintings with a borrowed passage from John Steinbeck’s Red Pony: “It’s the reflection of an old wagon train master who recalls his perilous journeys and explains to his grandson: ‘I tell those stories, but they are not what I want to tell. I only know how I want people to feel when I tell them.’ ”

Ronnie Gold

Gold’s passion is color, color, color – served up in pastels and acrylic. After a successful career designing home decorative fabrics, she turned to painting full time. With nature as inspiration she creates her bold, energetic pieces of art using loose, abstract strokes of color, mark making, and gestural lines to build surface and composition.


Robert Sachs

Sachs is a fine art photographer residing in Norwalk, Connecticut. After a successful career in the textile industry, Robert’s photography transitioned from a hobby to something more serious. Robert continues to develop his techniques uses different lenses and cameras, as well as his iPhone. For several years, Robert’s work has won awards in exhibitions in New York and Connecticut, including several prestigious best in shows.


Erin Dolan

Dolan is a South Norwalk-based painter a member of Wilson Avenue Loft Artists and an Art Educator.  She often works from sense memory, using memory palace techniques to start her paintings.  She works to create a connection and tension around this theme. “I try to unlock the subconscious, what can’t be seen on the surface.” My painting technique is a patient process of layering paint only to later reveal layers from the past, through paint. 

Butch Quick
Butch quick has been taking photos since he was in high school.  He is known for his portraits of people that he meets on the street and in his travels.  Quick aspires to tell their stories by capturing them in their quotidian lives. 


Karen Neems

Neems is a multi-media photographer and artist. Of her practice she says “I choose to use photography to explore the relationships of images I observe and record, rather than its documentary aspect.”  Since a project with the NY Times, she has been manipulating images to create photo collages and deconstruct images, often with mixed mediums.


Katy Garry

Garry is a multi-media painter who uses acrylic and encaustic to create her soothing canvases. She is known for her “colorful and energetic depictions of mood through both abstract interpretation and iconic figures.”  Garry’s pop art expressionist works are heavily influenced by pop culture and the visual surroundings. As she says, “paintings in your home should make you feel your best version of yourself.”   

Derek Freres

Freres is a glass artist who creates finely crafted unique works, using various techniques but mostly working with molten cane.  Based in New Canaan and Rittenhouse Studio in Southern Vermont, Freres makes one of a kind colorful designs which are each a work of art, as well as glass boxes using an intricate and time consuming process. 


Rebecca Antonoiou 

Antoniou, now based in Connecticut, was raised in the English countryside and started her career working in fashion for Tommy Hilfiger. She ultimately transitioned to illustration, where she worked for over a decade for  the fashion, publishing and record industries as one of the most sought after commercial artists. Antoniou began focusing on her personal practice of fine art with both painting and drawing. She is known for her “figurative nudes celebrating a sensuous, monumental female empowerment to the timeless in motion relationship between horses and humans.”


Ben Crowther

Crowther is a British photographer currently based in Greenwich, CT. He has become known for his aerial shots of boats along the Connecticut coast and Trearddur Bay in Wales using drone photography. Crowther loves to capture the beauty and uniqueness of places and moments that we treasure, but so often take for granted.  


Yvonne Claveloux

Claveloux is a Westport and Miami based painter who finds inspiration from her travels and Cuban roots. Claveloux developed her passion for art when she was studying fashion in Milan. Among other things she ran her own interior design firm before establishing herself as a visual artist. She is often told that her artwork is a reflection of her personality…bright, bold, honest and with a lot of soul.


Ruth Chapman

Chapman is an artist based in Westchester County and Nantucket who is drawn to the blues of the sea and the sky.  She is well known for her mixed media collages using papers printed in acrylic. Her practice is influenced by her sewing as a child and the creative skills of designing, cutting, and assembling fabrics.Chapman loves “combining the serendipity and spontaneity of the printmaking process with the planning and detail work of making a collage.”