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We were pleasantly surprised to discover our curator, Lydia Viscardi, singled out in a review of “MIC:CHECK” at Side Show Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – a big salon style open call show with 489 artists! “The artists here are tied together in more ways than one. This is not some museum curator’s idea of what’s hip this season but rather an organic network that has long been showing and working together, in some cases for over half a century. These artists do not exhibit here expecting to sell.” They give their work over to Sideshow to demonstrate their affinity with the alternative scene. This show has been extended!

Lydia Viscardi’s “Crib” is a lacquer-like oil and collage showing the interior of a nursery; at first glance, it looks natural enough—until you realize that a child is trapped in a cage underneath the crib, formed by the crib’s side slats having been lowered to the ground.

The review called “The Latest Superspectacular” can be found at:


Check it out and let us know what you think!