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Selected Photographers for PHOTO 2013

Thank you to all of the photographers who submitted imagery to PHOTO 2013.  Your submissions enable the Carriage Barn Arts Center to continue to host this highly respected exhibition each year.   Juror Joshua Chuang, Associate Curator of Photography and Digital Media at the Yale University Art Gallery, looked through well over 500 projected images.  The 80 photographs listed here are his final selections.  I can assure you that Mr. Chuang would agree when I say that he saw many more pictures of merit beyond those he chose.  Therefore, I hope you will continue to send your imagery out into the world for others to consider and enjoy.

Congratulations to the photographers listed below. These titles are either the .jpg file name or an identification name, not the full title.  You can confirm your actual titles and all information on file when you bring your pictures to the gallery.  Please look through the prospectus for framing requirements and dates for delivery of your work.   Work that is significantly different than what you submitted to the juror, or work that is not professionally presented will not be accepted for the show.   Thank you.

Lydia Viscardi

Gallery Director and Curator


Allen, Karen:   Red Night

Anestis, Stephanie:   Tinos

Archer, Peter:   NY Water Tanks

Asnis, Greg: Hot Summer

Augenbraun, Sara: Swimmer

Ball, Betty:   Window Seat TGV3

Bara, Jean Marc:   Two Three Four Cuba

Baskin, Ralph:   End of the Day

Baskin, Ralph:   It Will Be Mine

Berger, Paul:   Newtown in White

Berger, Paul:   Boat in Grass

Brady, Carrie:   Emergence

Brandon, McKenzie:   Gypsy Rose

Bush, Joy:   Bedroom in New Haven

Bush, Joy:   Billboard Bonaire

Calaba, Victor:   Snow in Central Park

Campbell, Barbara:   Darkness

Cleveland, Stacey:   Indian Rock Wyoming

Corcoran, Carrie:   Innocence

Danziger, Josie:   Untitled

Davenport, Bryan:   Trilogy

Dearcopp, Joanne:   Lost

Donner, Olivia:   Tree Scars

Doscher, Dutch:   No Train Today

Elbroch, Lawrence:   Sadhu 2

Fink, Lewis:   The Boxer

Friedkin, Jeffrey:   Autumn Linger

Frucht, William:   Abandoned House 1

Frucht, William:   Abandoned Barn 2

Frucht, William:   Borden House

Gore, Bill:   Georgetown Wire Mill

Graham, Andrew:   Repose

Grenier, Carlotta:   Sri Lanka

Harlan, David:   Turkey 2007

Harlan, David:   03 Flowers 2012-095ac

Harlan, David:   05 Flowers 2012-005ac

Harrison, Colin:   NYC Blue Reflection (Empire State)

Holtan, Kirsti:   In Pig Heaven

Howell, Kay:   Coupling

Kalman, David:   Sunrise in the Dolomites

Kelting, Emily:   Snowy Egret

Klehm, Michael:   Drifting

Klehm, Michael:   Reflections

Kobasa, Clare:   Playground

Laird, Dana:   Mr. Frostys

Lake, Ron:   Little Energy

Lake, Ronald A:   05 Island

Lee, Nicole:   01 Untitled

Lerman, Andrew:   Little House on Isclandic Prairie

Lerman, Andrew:   Oxbow Bend Sunset Thru Smoke

Lloyd, Elaine:   Waveny

Megrue, George:   Shelling Argan Nuts Morocco 2012

Meyer, Roslyn:   Japanese Grasses

Mirsky, Ellis: Rainy Day in Wales

Mogenson, Harvey:   NYC Reflection (Empire State)

O’Connor, Luki:   Doors

O’Connor, Luki:   Foggy

Ottenstein, David:   Simkins 2

Ottenstein, David:   Star Supply

Ottenstein, David:   Picnic Tables WS

Parton, Steven:   SF Dog

Pearl, Jacqueline:   Snake Charmers

Perry, Craig:   NYC Dusk

Potts, Art:   04 Untitled Cuba

Potts, Art:   05 Untitled Cuba

Ross, Penelope:   Grays 1

Russ, Lawrence:   Marion Under the Moon

Russ, Lawrence:   To See in the Dark

Sachs, Robert:   Desert View

Sachs, Robert:   SoNo

Schopper, Phillip:   Up Madison Avenue

Shew, Debbie:   Sign

St. Mary, Mark:    Pattern Study 806

Stone, Sue:   The Pond

Tautkus, James:   02 Untitled

Wachtelhausen, C.:   Doorway to Heaven

Wilson, Ronald:   Approaching Storm

Wontkowski, Carol:   Ghost 12

Wunderlee, Don:   It’s Coming

Wunderlee, Don:   Bethany Field

Yin, Yeefun:   02 Untitled