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Selected Entries for Spectrum 2013

Thank you to all the artists who submitted images to Spectrum 2013. The juror, Dr. Jill Deupi, looked through close to 400 images and chose the works below.  Congratulations to the selected artists.  To those whose work was not selected, please do not consider this as a reflection on the value of what you do.  Whether your work is in this show or not, your firm commitment to making art is of utmost importance. Thank you for supporting the Carriage Barn Arts Center through your participation.

Lydia Viscardi, Gallery Director and Curator


To the Selected Artists, please note:

All work must be hand delivered to the Carriage Barn Arts Center. 

DO NOT SHIP OR MAIL WORK.  If you have a conflict, please e-mail [email protected] or call the gallery (203-972-1895.)  All work delivered: Monday, April 15th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm or Tuesday, April 16th, 8:00 am – 12 pm.




Ackley, Pam  –  Ornament, Mercury

Archibald, Annie  –  Watermelon

Axelroad, Donald  –  Sorrows of War

Ball, Betty – Window Seat 30

Boski, Souby  –  Indigo, Storm

Brenner, Tom – Rotation, Linkage

Campbell, Barbara  –  Textured Stone, River Stones

Cardosa, Michael  –  Keep on Truckin’

Coleman, Heidi Lewis – Daphnaie Assemblage  5, Dragons 1 & 2

D’Allessandro, B.A.  –  Compo I, Compo II

Dargery, Galina  –  Madame Y Not

Davidson, JoAnn  –  Boatyard

DelFavero, Lawrence  –  World Class Yacht

Dionian, Lynne  –  Fluidity, Purple Pop

Evans, Katherine  – Epic Haiku

Fried, Connie  –  What She Sees

Gaynor, Elizabeth  –  Stag

Glover, Kathryn  –  Too Many Things

Gold, Sondra  –  Triangles #43, Twist

Goodfellow, Dana  –  Thru the Mist, Infinity

Guererra, Teodora  –  Emerald Rain, Between Blue & Green

Hanna, Kim  –  Images of a Half Life 1,  Images of a Half Life 2

Horan, Bruce  –  Decision

Hyon, Nash  –  Riverwood

Jacobsen, Brenda   –  No Clue at the Inn

Kalla Ungerer, Ruth  –  Trio, Follies

Kammel-McTeague, Terry  –  NYC Lights.1

Kendall, Joan  –  The Music Man

King, Noelle  –  Proto Star, Low Mid Massive Stars

Klumb, Christina  –  Fragile Entity 1

Lane, Terryanne  –  (02) Untitled

Leggitt, Susan  –  Primordial

Lindberg, Pam  –  The Edge

Lowry, Rebecca  –  (02) Barn Door Series, No. 5,  (05) Barn Door Series, No. 3

MacCollum, Cynthia  –  Yin, Yang, Nine Moons

Madden, Bob  –  Nautilus

Moonie, Liana –  Feelings of Nature #47, Feelings of Nature #X

Mullen, Andrew  –  The Nest, Bridgeport, CT,  Passing

Nagle, Elizabeth  –  Big Pool, Play Ball

Nichols, Connie  –  Pothead Woman, Pothead Woman II

Platt, Diane  –  Sentinel II

Quadland, Michael  –  Metallic #8

Samuelson, Katie  –  Through the Storm I, Piece of Home II

Schott, Amy  –  Happy Hour

Schaffer, Roslaind  –  Gaia, (05) Oh!

Simon, Margaret, Esme  –  Due Cappucinni Per Favore

Spivak, Maria  –  Grazing Boy,  Second Chance

Thoren, Lisa  –  Sledge, Obsolete

Tomaszewski, Lubomir  –  Flight, Virtuoso

Tomchuk, Marjorie  –  Tidal Bridge

Visoksy, Mitchell  –  Dancing Lines,  Sinking Feeling

Zack, Michael  –  Obsevation,  The Watcher

Zeitlin, Margaret  –  Elements