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2020 / Annual Member Show Submission

All current and new members* are welcome to exhibit one piece of in the Annual Member Show, which will be exhibited in the gallery and virtually from September 12 – October 11.   This exhibit celebrates the range, interests, and talents of artist members working across all subjects, styles, and media. The theme is open, but this year we invite and encourage members to submit work that reflects on, relates to or was created in the year 2020.  Statements (up to 50 words) may be included and will be displayed with each piece.


NEW: All artists exhibiting in the member show will be considered for inclusion in the new “SPOTLIGHT” invitational exhibit in June 2021.  “Spotlight” will highlight a collection of works by 8-10 regional artists, including at least four exhibiting in the 2020 member show.


In addition, one piece will be awarded the Betty Barker Award and a $250 prize.  The award was established in 2017 in honor of Betty Barker (1920-1997), a prolific and accomplished artist who was the driving force in establishing the Carriage Barn Arts Center. 

*Membership is open to anyone interested in supporting the artistic activities of the New Canaan Society for the Arts, Inc.


Click here for submission form


$25 FEE for up to three submissions (one will be selected)

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all current or new members. Please submit up to three original works no larger than 30 x 40 inches (or 36″ x 36″), not previously exhibited at the Carriage Barn Arts Center. All media will be accepted, including video. Sculptors may be asked to provide their own pedestals.

Monday, August 17 – Submission deadline
Tuesday, August 25 – Notification of selections
Sept. 3 & 4 – Delivery of artwork between 11 AM – 2 PM  (contactless drop-off available)
September 12 & 13 – Opening Weekend (details to come)
Sunday, September 20 – Gallery Artist Talk 3-4pm
Thursday, October 8 – Carriage Barn Arts Center Annual Meeting & Closing Panel 6pm
Sunday, October 11 – Pickup of artwork between 4 – 6 PM
Monday, October 12 – Pickup of artwork between 10 AM – 1 PM

REQUIREMENTS: Members may submit up to three pieces, not exceeding 30 x 40 inches (or 36″ x 36″) and not previously exhibited at the Carriage Barn. To enter, membership must be current for the duration of the show through October 12, 2020. If you are unsure the status of your membership, please email [email protected].


SPECIFICATIONS: All 2D work delivered to the gallery must be ready-to-hang (wired for hanging) and no larger than 30 x 40 inches (or 36″ x 36″) including frame. We use the Walker Hanging System and rely on cleated backs, so please bring your work appropriately wired with adequate support. Sculpture and 3D work must be presented in a permanent, non-fragile medium, and must be no larger than 5’ high and 24” wide. Work must remain on exhibit for the entire show. Saw tooth hangers and small wire loops on the back of inexpensive frames, scratched glass and Plexiglas, poorly constructed frames, and poorly cut mats will not be accepted. Submissions received without payment will not be considered. The Carriage Barn Arts Center reserves the right to reject any artwork due to inadequate preparation for installation or for potential security or public safety issues. There is a daily storage charge of $10/day for any work left at the gallery after the show without prior arrangements made for an alternative pickup date and time.

Fill out the Submission Form for each entry including title, medium, dimensions.  You may include a brief (up to 50 words) artist statement if you choose.

Upload image file appropriately sized and specifically labeled: “lastname_firstname_entry#_title” (all lowercase). Example: smith_mary_1_butterflies.jpg.  Submit your image as .jpeg, maximum file size 3 MB, minimum file size 100 KB, maximum image width 2000 pixels.

SALES: We encourage exhibitors to enter works that are for sale. For any works sold, artists receive 60% of the sale price before tax. The Carriage Barn Arts Center and New Canaan Society for the Arts retains the remaining 40% as a transaction fee. While the New Canaan Society for the Arts [NCSA] supports exhibitors who are seeking to sell their work by putting prospective buyers in touch with member artists, the determination of value and other terms of a sale remain a matter between the artist and the prospective buyer throughout the sale process.

LIABILITY AND INSURANCE: Insurance covers work accepted for exhibition while in possession of the NCSA. Upon delivery of work, artist must sign a consignment and liability form conceding that the NCSA assumes no responsibility beyond the applicable limit of our insurance coverage. If the liability form remains unsigned, the NCSA can only insure to the extent of 50% of the value accepted and/or determined by the insurance company less any deductible. The work will be insured 100% if the artist presents a third-party appraisal.

All care will be taken while art is at the Carriage Barn, but NCSA is not responsible for any loss or damage to the artwork during delivery, installation, and de-installation including, by way of example but not limitation, normal wear and tear, such as minor nicks to frames or scratches to Plexiglas. NCSA will not be liable for work not claimed after specified pick-up dates and times.

IMAGE USE RIGHTS: Artist’s recognition is provided with any use. By submission for jurying, artists whose submissions are chosen for the exhibition grant The Carriage Barn Arts Center the right to use their images for the purpose of promoting the artist, promoting the Center’s programs, promoting exhibitions and subsequent display on the Center’s website of current and past exhibitions. Promotions and images may also be placed on social networks with artist credit.