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Past Exhibitions

The Carriage Barn Arts Center is proud to present six premier Art Exhibitions annually in the exquisite Betty Barker Gallery.  Over the years, we have showcased the extraordinary work of members of the New Canaan Society for the Arts, professional and amateur photographers, experts in all forms of media, talented local high school students, and, of course, prize-winning artists.

Please take a moment to view the work from some of our past Exhibitions and see why the Carriage Barn is such an important cultural resource for the community.

2012-2013 Season

2013 Spectrum

Art in New Canaan Inn


2013 Photography Exhibition

2012 smallWORK

2012 American Pastoral

2012 Members’ Show

2011-2012 Season

Spectrum 2012

2012 Art in the Windows

2012 Student Exhibitions:  Through Our Eyes”,  MUD2012 and Girls Scouts of America

2011 smallWORK

2011 Member’s Show

Reflections by our Curator on the 2010-2011 Season

Spectrum 2011

2011 Art in the Windows

2011 Student Exhibitions:  “Through Our Eyes” and MUD 2011

2011 Photography Show


2010 Members’ Show