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Selected Entries for 2012 American Pastoral

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted work to American Pastoral, A Landscape Show.  And, thank you for your patience in dealing with our temperamental online entry system as we continue to work on improving it.

Curator and Art Historian Arianne Kolb, formerly with the Getty Museum, CA, graciously offered her assistance in looking through roughly 240 images.  We acknowledge the difficulty that is inherent to viewing work other than photography in a digital format and we did our best to cull approximately 80 paintings, drawings, mixed media works and photographs for the exhibition.  Only work selected for this show appears in the list below.   If your work was not selected, please do not consider this to be a reflection on the validity of what you do.   Without a doubt, no two curators would select the same show.  Another curator of a different show will no doubt respond to your work and perhaps even award you a prize.

I respect what you do, and thank you for your contribution to the Carriage Barn Arts Center.  I hope you will consider entering more shows.

Lydia Viscardi

Betty Barker Gallery Director and Curator



Please check the spelling of your name and the title below and email [email protected] or call the gallery with corrections.  Deliver your work framed or professionally presented Wednesday, October 3, 6:30 – 8 pm or Friday, October 5, 8 – 11 & 1 – 4 pm.  Please note: work that was misrepresented in its digital format, is not professionally framed or is poorly presented may be refused for exhibition when it is brought to the gallery.  Do NOT ship or mail work.  Thank you.

Aaron, Howard: A Walk in the Woods

Anestis, Stephanie: Branford Beach 2

Bara, Jean-Marc: Slightly Worn Tractor and No Wind Today

Bepler, Joan: Inside/Out

Bepler, Laurie Jane: Double Doghouse

Berger, Paul: Boxley Church

Brainard, Spencer: Low Tide in Darien

Brown, Janine: Springfield Woods I

Brown, Rush: Vermont Landscape

Case, Mary Anne: Compo Beach and Nantucket

Collins, Libby: Antique Barn

Davidson, Jo Anne: Farm Creek 11 am

DiMargo, Teri: September Sky and Orange Marsh

Donner, Olivia: San Francisco Bay, Car Show and Summer Sky

Fog, Wendy: Meandering

Garber, Cannon: Autumn in CT at 60 mph

Gennrich, Sandy: The Shed and Guadalupe Mountain

Gersch, Karen: Back Lot Line and Swamp Lake

Giffroy, Renee: Winter in Horse Country

Gilbert, Brittany: Purple Clouds and Tennessee Field

Hare, Deborah: Watering Hole

Harlan, David: 01Indian Cove, Low Tide and Hilton Head

Hitchen, Paul: Lees

Holtan, Kirsti: A Sea of Yellow

Jensen, Norman: Fog at Lapham

Kelting, Emily: Untitled

Lake, Ronald: Alaska Gilkey Glacier

Liney-Matthews, Jill: Gypsy Mother and Foal

Long, Daniel R.: Up Against It

MacCollum, Cindy: Late September (Waveny)

McDonagh, Jeanne: Gates Panorama, Glass House Night Panorama and Wetlands MA

Mullins, Cynthia: Santa Fe and Saugatuck River View

Murphy, Cordia: Rhode Island Morning

O’Connell, Mary Louise: Bowens Island Winter

O’Shea, Barbara: Heavens’ Gate and Passing Through

Parton, Stepven: Stone Hill

Pearl, Jacqueline: Vista-Hemlock Reservoir and Three in a Row – Gorham Island

Perry, Craig: Geyser in Wine Country CA and Navajo Country

Poch, Kathryn: Romance and Tarantella

Ranieri, Eliza: San Francisco an Forest

Richter, Elizabeth Lee: Tod’s Point

Ruttley, Van: Sunset and Sunrise

Ryan, James: At the Lake

Ryan, David: Untitled 1, Untitled 2 and Untitled 3

Santos, Jorge Abel: The Sky Below

Siegel, Suzanne: Up Early II and Yellow House, Full Moon

Swanson, Suzannah: Afternoon on Old House Lawn

Swift, Ceal: Birch Grove

Tomchuck, Marjorie: Coastline

Ungerer, Ruth Kalla: My Garden Path

Ventre, Richard: 03Pastiche/Sara/Wyeth

Viscardi, Nina: Old Lyme

Winnall, Caren: Vineyard

Yin, Yeefun: 02 Mine Hill, 2011 and 04 Mine Hill, 2011

York, Torrance: November 11, 2012 #4457 and Yellow Stone #1835

Zeitlin, Lawrence: Alaska Bering Sea

Zeitlin, Margaret: World’s End and South of Iona Island