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Photo/synthesis Exhibition Statement

June 6th – June 29th
Opening Reception, Thursday, June 5th, 6- 8PM

The photographers featured in this exhibition are exploring the visual language of connections and associations and are looking for meaning in photographs that tell stories, explore ideas, and reveal emotions. Each artist is on a journey working with his or her unique set of subjects, perspectives, and techniques. What all the artists have in common is a system of communication learned in the workshop of Sandi Haber Fifield where they have the experience of seeing how images can come together and take on new life.

The workshop is organized around projects, exercises, and discourse that aim to better define each photographer’s personal vision and point of view. The starting point is looking at prints, lots of prints, from individual projects and class assignments. The learning comes from the dialogue where the conceptual thread of a set of images begins to emerge and gain momentum.

Over time, a cohesive body of work emerges and becomes one and the same with the photographer’s vision. The visual associations become stronger, more nuanced, and capable of connecting images of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the expected and the unexpected, and the literal and the ambiguous. The results are unique for each artist, but what we see across all of these works are individually expressive photographs brought together and synthesized into cohesive visual experiences.