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Selected Entries for 2012 smallWORK

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted images to smallWORK.

The Exhibition Committee for smallWORK, which consists of Art Historian Arianne Kolb, Ph.D., formerly with the Getty Museum, CA, along with Don Axleroad, artist, Karen Chandler, artist, and I looked through roughly 210 images and made selections to create a cohesive show.  We did our best to cull the following paintings, drawings, ceramics, sculptures, prints and mixed media works for the exhibition.  If your work was not selected, please do not consider this to be a reflection on the validity of what you do.   Without a doubt, no two curators would select the same show.  Another curator of a different show will no doubt respond to your work and perhaps even award you a prize.

I respect what you do, and thank you for your contribution to the Carriage Barn Arts Center.  I hope you will consider entering more shows.

Lydia Viscardi

Betty Barker Gallery Director and Curator



Please check the spelling of your name and the title below and email [email protected] or call the Gallery with corrections.  

Deliver your work framed or professionally presented, Monday, November 12th, 8 – 11 am or Tuesday, November 13th, 5:30 – 7 pm.  

Please note: work that was misrepresented in its digital format, is not professionally framed, or is poorly presented, may be refused for exhibition when it is brought to the Gallery.  Do NOT ship or mail work.  Thank you

Atkin, Pat: Precious #1

Atkin, Pat: Precious #2

Atkin, Pat: Precious #3

Atkin, Pat: Precious #4

Bandyo, Ishita: Fantasy Forest

Bandyo, Ishita: Nesting

Bandyo, Ishita: Shadow Games

Bastis, Kathleen Bennett: Aluminum Squared

Brainard, Spencer: Study on the Sound I – Late July 2012

Bryant, Joanne: Ponder

Campbell, Barbara Post: Cotton Candy and Jelly Beans

Cody, William: The Enormous Room of Memory

Coleman, Heidi Lewis: Ancalagon 1

Coleman, Heidi Lewis: Ancalagon 2

Coleman, Heidi Lewis: Batik 1

Davidson, Jo Ann: A Young Palm

Davidson, Jo Ann: Cruz Bay Cafe

Dionian, Lynne: Concrete 1

Dionian, Lynne: Concrete 2

Dionian, Lynne: Concrete 3

Evans, Katherine: Maya Love

Evans, Katherine: Daylight Come

Evans, Katherine: Birdland

Forero, Jacob: Novo Scotia, Little Fishing Town

Friedkin, Debra: The Babysitters

Friedkin, Debra: Sprinkler Dragon

Garver, Cecily: Nesting Bowls

Garver, Cecily: Mixed Flock

Garver, Cecily: Pig

Garver, Cecily: Owl

Garver, Cecily: Raku Bird

Gilbert, Brittany: Morning Shadow

Gilbert, Brittany: Secret Path

Gilbert, Brittany: Marsh View

Glausman, Evelyn: Car Yard

Glausman, Evelyn: Pell Bridge

Harlan, David: Candle (2008)

Harlan, David: Shipwreck Grounded 27 (2010)

Hower, Wendy: Miniature Horse Hair Bowl

Hower, Wendy: Miniature Horse Hair Bottle

Hower, Wendy: Miniature Horse Hair Vase

Hower, Wendy: Miniature Pit Fire Bottle

Hower, Wendy: Miniature Pit Fire Bowl

Jennewein, Virginia: And the Earth Blossomed

Jennewein, Virginia: Snow’s Blanket of Beuaty

Jennewein, Virginia: Frozen River in Silvermine

Jensen, Norman: Vessel #1

Johnson, Bonnie: Cosmic Diamond Dust

Johnson, Bonnie: Fire and Ice

Johnson, Bonnie: Diamond Dust Clouds

Johnson, Bonnie: Diamond Dust Sun Dog

Johnson, Bonnie: Diamond Dust Sky

Johnson, Raud: Gooseberries

Lepore, Nicholas: Celadon Sun Vase

Lepore, Nicholas: Blue & Black Pitcher Vase

Lepore, Nicholas: Blue Floral Bowl

Lepore, Nicholas: Panel Vase

Lepore, Nicholas: Black & Turquoise Vase

Lynch, Kristina: Water Lily

Maryanska, Basha: Lost Treasure

Maryanska, Basha: Path of Love

Nichols, Connie: Striped Pothead

Nichols, Connie: Gold Collar Pothead

Nichols, Connie: Striped Tie

Nichols, Connie: Green Pothead

Pierce, Deborah Bonnell, Yellow Leaves and Ferns

Poch, Kathryn: Yellow Mood

Richter, Elizabeth Lee: Brown Leaf

Ryan, James: Tulip, Scarlet/White

Ryan, James: Catboat

Samuelson, Katie: Through the Storm IV

Samuelson, Katie: Through the Storm V

Scaglia, Ken: Tres Amigos

Scaglia, Ken: Badge

Scaglia, Ken: Rouge en Rose

Scaglia, Ken: Rear View

Schott, Amy: From Here To There #2

Schott, Amy: Whack!

Schwebel, Renate Manasse: Vise

Schwebel, Renate Manasse: Formation

Simon, Margaret Esme: Stormy Evening

Sorenson, Karen: Wisdom

Spalding, Margie: Peeking Out

Spalding, Margie: Adirondack Morning

Swanson, Susannah  Leighton: Lake Placid

Swanson, Susannah Leighton: Pound Ridge Reservation

Swift, Ceal: Bow River Loop

Tomaszewski, Lubomir: Yak

Tomaszewski, Lubomir: Bear

Ungerer, Ruth Kalla: Exuberant Gourmand I

Ungerer, Ruth Kalla: Exuberant Gourmand II

Ungerer, Ruth Kalla: Turkey Trot

Ungerer, Ruth Kalla: Double Entendre

Vazquez, Elizabeth: Musical Abstraction

Vazquez, Elizabeth: Needlework

Vazquez, Elizabeth: Flowing Forms

Zamachaj, Jessica: Pit Fired Orb

Zamachaj, Jessica: Pit Fired Bowl

Zeitlin, Margaret: Christmas Angel #3

Zeitlin, Margaret: Christmas Angel #4

Zeitlin, Margaret: Christmas Angel #5

Zeitlin, Margaret: Christmas Angel #6

Zipparo, George: Memories in Shades of Mauve