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Selected Entries for Photo 2012

Thank you to all the artists who submitted to the 32nd Annual Photography Exhibition.  This is our first fully online entry process.  While many were delighted to enter from the comfort of their homes and not bring work to the gallery to be judged, others might have missed the comradarie of the drop off day.  Also, if you are one of the artists who experienced problems with your entry, please except our sincere apology.  Any bugs in our system are being worked out to make future entries as user friendly as possible.  Your participation in this Call for Entries process is greatly appreciated and makes the upcoming show possible.

Our juror, Joan Fitzsimmons looked through well over 300 photographs. Each submission was carefully considered. The final selection of works are listed below.  Ms. Fitzsimmons comments about the work selected are here for your perusal.

Lydia Viscardi

Exhibitions Director and Curator

Juror’s Statement

It was a true honor to be invited to jury this photography exhibition at the Carriage Barn Arts Center. I never tire of looking at images. That is why I am both a photographic artist and educator. No two individuals are ever going to render the world with the same eye, and that truism holds for this show also. The quality of submissions was quite high. That said, I can only bring my own eye and sensibilities to bear in making choices. I found that I was drawn to no one particular way of seeing. It was the quality of perception, concept, or both that engaged me.

My choices are my own and my own best judgment. Another juror will make other choices. So I encourage all photographers to continue with their own personal engagement and growth, and submit again.

Selected Entries by Artist for Photo 2012:

Diana Angstadt   Tangled

Sara Augenbraun    Black Hat and Feathers

Ralph Baskin     Bullseye;  Hanging Roses;  GW Bridge

Laurie Jane Bepler    Merry Halloween;  What Remains;  Available             

Janet Beres     Rabbit’s Home

Carrie Brady    Balance;  Modern Rorschach

Janine Brown    The Wall Flower Project: Alice                       

Everett Brownstein     Cyanotype on Canvas – Stood Up

Richard Chaloux    Fire!;  East 24th Street, New York City

Bryan Davenport     Evening Fog                                

Olivia Donner       Leap

Dutch Doscher     Floating Glass;  Feel the Rumble

Jim Fiora   The Art of the RandomCorrugated;  Door of Hope                        

Molly Fox    Café                           

Katherine Frederick   Timothy;  Blueberries                                                

Cannon Garber    Alaskan Moment

Ron Garofolo   Olive Trees

Sandy Gennrich   Anchor

Nicole Giusti    Prom

John Glover    Childs Play

Sally Harris      Empty Bench

David Harlan     Lilies

Mike Harris      Paper Study #1;  Avian Grace

Kirsti Holtan    Eat Your Pea;  Me and My Shadow

Jeanne Host     Beech Roots;  The Red Line

Ronald Lake    9/11 Memorial

Elaine Lloyd    Papa

Jeanne McDonagh    Doll Houses

Dona Menton    Water Line

Judy Moist   Reflections;  Cactus

Dallas Molerin    Written Words;  Boat Alley

Caitlin Morton   Rory

Andrea Mullaney   Down to the Unknown;  Da Monsta

Dylan Neuhaus   Danny

Lucretia O’Connor   A Rural Morning

Rod O’Connor    Fine Line

William O’Meara   San Francisco

Susan Phillips   Rain, Wilson State Park;  Moment Reflections

Leslie Rottner    Sweet Cherries

Barbara Ringer   Rooms in My Head

John Rudolph    Red Chair;  Blue Tarp

Van Ruttley    Primary Colors

Robert Sachs   #1 Semana Santa;  Cuzco

Isabella Scandiffio   NYC

Debbie Shew    The Plunge, Rye Playland;  The Good Times Are Killing Me, Rye Playland

Brad Shwidock    Cove Trees, New York 2009 (Storefront Series)

Phyllis Sinrich    Raindrops 1

Terry Spring    Sugar Works Coupling

Mark St.Mary    Color Study #1111c

Abigail Stone     Water Women

Susan Stone     Branch;  Two Ladders

Kellen Tenson    Cherry Pie

Beatrix Tobey   Emma

Marjorie Tomchuk     Armor

Gwen Van de Graaf    Temple Pond

Christopher Wisker   The Finger From Above

Please note:  The curator reserves the right to not include any work that is not professionally presented or is significantly different from the submission used to select entries.